Free Educational Activities for the Quarantined Kid

No need for a long introduction or a mention of the virus-that-shall-not-be-named. With schools closing out of precaution, you may find yourself at home with a school-aged child. This downtime doesn't have to result in wasted time! There are so many FREE and EDUCATIONAL online resources! Check out this list and see what's available to you. This might be an amazing time for your young students to pick up a new skill, find a new favorite book series, and/or learn more about a new topic.

Did your local library close? Ours did and I was surprised! (I knew I shouldn't have put off my quarantine book visit...) But since I have a library card, I have access to a whole host of things, especially apps. My favorite ones are Hoopla, CloudLibrary, and Libby. Check your local library's website to see what one they have available in your area! Hoopla is probably the most popular app, so I've highlighted a few things that might be a great match for your own kiddos, but you need to check them out for yourself!

Library Apps/Hoopla
-Audiobooks: I am the ultimate multitasker so I love listening to an audiobook while cleaning, doing dishes or taking a walk. Here are some audiobooks on Hoopla that might interest your kiddos!

-Movies: Hoopla has educational videos too! Interested in languages or a historical figure?

-Graphic Novels: Graphic novels are a fun way to encourage reading. The app has a large variety of options!

-eBooks: eBooks are great for the child that has a device they can read on. Here are some classics and highly ranked books they can assess instantly!

If Hoopla isn't a viable option for you, there are a host of websites that are offering free educational content as well. Check out this list for ideas. If there's one I'm missing, make sure to mention it in the comments!

-iCivics: This super fun website is full of social studies and government learning games. Below is a screenshot of their game simulating jury duty! Check it out here.

-GoNoodle: GoNoodle is a website to help kids get out their wiggles and learn to be active. They have a family access option that might be VITAL to burning extra energy! Check out family access here.

-MissionUS: MissionUS has several choose-your-own-adventure stories based on historical stories. It feels like a game, but your kids are learning cause and effect. Check it out here.

-Khan Academy: Khan has a huge resource library for learning on every subject. Have your student pick a favorite topic and dive in here! If your kid is tech-savvy, have them try their hand at coding. This is a huge up and coming skill and there are so many fun resources to learn it. Check out here.

Edited 3/16 to add:
Mo Willems Lunch Doodles - The children's author Mo Willems is hosting daily "doodle" videos through the Kennedy Center every day at 1pm EST. This would be a delightful way to study some art! The first video can be found here.

Cincinnati Zoo Virtual Safari - Cincinnati Zoo is hosting "virtual safaris" on Facebook Live every day at 3pm EST. Search through Facebook to find them showing animals and answering questions live!

I hope this list gave you options and ideas! Any other free resources I missed? Please tell me about them in the comments!


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